Cultural and Creative Industries

In cooperation with our partners, we develop business models, strategies and concepts within the fields of tourism and adventure travel, development of audiences and the digitization of the music industry. Our knowledge base is rooted in research and is disseminated through advising, presentations and scientific publication.


User-driven research

We develop research projects together with partners aimed at regional, national and international research programs. Examples of these regional programs include the regional research funds ( Agder, Vestlandet, Oslofjordfondet, Nord-Norge and Innlandet) as well as the competence-building funds in Sørlandet. On the national level, we work in particular to develop projects with The Norwegian Research Council, both with the thematic research initiative programs and the business neutral programs such as the User-driven Research-based Innovation (BiA) program. Internationally, the emphasis is on InterReg, KASK and the ØKS,EEA program as well as the thematic research initiatives such as Creative Europe.

Innovation Management and Strategy

Agderforskning contributes to the development of strategies and good innovation practices in the private sector.

Market and organizational development

Agderforskning works with firms on issues related to organizational development, market positioning and placement. We do this by focusing on consumer development, return on investment options, theoretical and practical approaches to repurchasing, development of business models, and service innovation.

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Kirsti M. Hjemdahl

Research Director

Roger Normann

Managing director