Innovation in the Public Sector

We generate knowledge to aid in building the future welfare society. We focus on new modes of cooperation where voluntary organizations, user groups and the business sector form the key to sustainable welfare solutions in the public sector.


Formative-dialogue research and evaluation

Agderforskning conducts onsite and action-oriented formative-dialogue research. In cooperation with our clients, we contribute research-based expertise that lays the foundation for informed choices and decisions.

Facilitation of cooperation

Agderforskning contributes to analyzing, facilitating and improving cooperation between the public sector, user organizations and the volunteer sector.

Knowledge development

Agderforskning works together with the public sector to insure research-based development of new services and processes. In recent years, our research has focused on, among other things: cooperation between the volunteer and public sectors, user-involvement in the development of welfare services, inclusion of immigrants and marginalized groups, and regional competency needs.

Agderforskning has given us new perspectives and an improved knowledge foundation. Cooperation with Agderforskning has given us a more thoughtful relationship to the unique teaching role necessary in adult education and, to a greater degree; we see the importance of including voluntarism in our integration work.

Joanna Derdowska, Department Head for Adult Learning, Arendal

Case study

Med hjerte for Arendal

The project Med hjerte for Arendal contributed to Arendal’s receiving the Innovation Prize in 2014.

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Roger Normann

Managing director

Eugene Guribye

Research Director