Equality and Inclusion

We contribute to achieving social improvement goals by conducting and communicating high quality scientific research of significant practical value.


Gender and equality

Agderforskning is, in cooperation with The University of Agder’s Center for Gender and Equality, the most important provider of research on equality to various societal arenas in the Agder region.

Local inclusion

Agderforskning cooperates closely with other research institutions and with actors charged with implementation of research and development processes connected to how organizations and the local community can improve integration and inclusion of residents into the workplace and community life.

Volunteer sector

Agderforskning participates in research and development projects that focus on the volunteer sector’s roll in the integration of immigrants and refugees into the workplace and society.

Center for Gender and Equality has cooperated with Agderforskning on R & D projects and the dissemination of gender equality over many years. Their research skills and communication ability is and has been invaluable for the center and for our partners .

Åsta L. Einstabland, Manager at Center for Gender and Equality

Case study

Integration as embedded practice

A new project supporting local integration work in the Agder region.

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May-Linda Magnussen

Senior researcher

Roger Normann

Managing director