Industrial Development

We assist in the development of new strategies, markets, products, processes and business models. The customized solutions are based on current research and conveyed through advising, training, presentations and scientific publications.


Innovation management and strategy

We assist firms in defining appropriate strategies and good innovation practices. Our recommendations are adapted to the challenges faced by the firm and help lay a solid foundation for decision-making and for creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Market and organizational development

We assist firms in analyzing and choosing markets, and in positioning firms within these markets. In cooperation with the firm, we also support the effectivization of production processes through the development and implementation of improved organizational principles and practices.

Industrial economic analyses

We carry out analyses of the competitiveness of different industrial branches and regions, their structural strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strategic threats, challenges and opportunities they face. These analyses are oriented towards the questions the clients desire answered.

Since the information from the regional network has shown itself to be very accurate, we achieve an early sense of the changes in economic trends.

Øystein Olsen, Sentralbanksjef

Case study

Mekanisk industri

Mekanisk industri: Agderforskning gjennomførte i 2014 en dybdestudie av mekanisk industri i Agder hvor økt automasjon og robotisering av produksjonsprosessen kan være løsning på de utforinger industrien opplever.

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Sissel Strickert

Administrative- and communication manager/Senior project manager

Roger Normann

Managing director