Norwegian Icons

Agderforskning will investigate and research internationally competitive artistic and cultural attractions.

18 April 2016

RFF Vestlandet will finance the 3-year project “Norwegian Icons” in which Agderforskning is a research partner. In this project, Festspillene i Bergen (the Bergen International Arts Festival) will cooperate with the Solstrand Hotel & Bad, Oseana Art and Culture center, Moster Amfi- and Church History Center, Hotel Ullensvang, Bekkjarvik Property Management,food artists on Lysverket in Bergen, and Bekkjarvik Guesthouse to generate value creation and growth by developing internationally competitive artistic and cultural attractions. The Festival has been awarded three million norwegian kroner to finance this project.

Multidisciplinary approach

– According to the lead researcher, Kirsti Mathiesen HjemdahlIt, it is a privilege for Agderforskning to be a research partner with such strong participants in arts, culture and tourism. Furthermore, she explains that the team embodies complementary research expertise that can contribute to the project in the fields of cultural studies, economics, IT and innovation.

The director of the Bergen Arts Festival, Anders Beyer, has indicated that they, in collaboration with the project partners, want to pursue factually-based policies and programs that help trigger new growth and increased added value. The festival wants to develop high-quality, competitive cultural attractions with international potential. The aim is to develop new attractions for each project partner and create integrated adventure concepts that offer unique stories, destinations, culinary, artistic and cultural experiences.

The partners are focused on high-end customers and are emphasizing reaching new markets through new digital communication mediums. The project also intends to look into the conditions that contribute to increased repurchase of the region’s attractions.

World class arts
The project name “Norwegian Icons” refers to the diverse and prized cultural national treasures for which Norway is know.
– Norway has world-class artistic and cultural institutions and icons. Grieg, is a good example of such a globally recognized brand. Similarly, Norwegian chefs, not the least those from Western Norway, regularly perform very well in the biennial Bocuse d’Or world chef championships. The Chairman of RFF Western Norway, Janice Kjelsnes,stated in conjunction with the launch of the project that the hope is that this research project can help the region to be more innovative in exploiting its strengths and help attract more tourists to the region.