Rómulo Pinheiro

Senior researcher

Phone: +47 45 4607 94


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Rómulo Pinheiro, born in 1972, is Senior Researcher (part-time) at Agderforskning. He is also Professor in Public Policy and Administration at the University of Agder, where he heads the research group on Public Governance and Leadership. In addition, Pinheiro is a Visiting Professor at the University of Tampere in Finland, and is an Affiliated Member of the ExCID – Expert cultures and institutional dynamics: Studies in higher education and work – research group based at the University of Oslo, and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) in Agder. Rómulo’s research interests are located at the intersection of public policy and administration, organisational theory, regional science and innovation and higher education studies. He has published widely, nationally and internationally, on a variety of topics across the public sector; from mergers to governance to universities’ third mission to comparative studies across sectors, etc.