Randi Wærdahl

Senior researcher

Phone: +47 990 20 381


Randi Wærdahl is a senior researcher at Agderforskning, part of the research team focused on welfare research. She has a PhD in Sociology from The University of Oslo. Her work has had a special focus on childhood, families, socialization and learning processes as well as consumption, consumer societies, social change, transitions and trajectories. As part of her doctoral project on consumer culture as a condition for socialization, Wærdahl spent one year as a visiting scholar with the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA. During her post.doc period, Wærdahl took a special interest in urban Chinese childhood and the effects of rapid economic change. In connection with this interest, she spent 6 months as a visiting researcher at the China Youth and Children Research Centre in Beijing. In the interim period between the doctoral fellowship and her post.doc fellowship, Wærdahl spent 4 years as the director of Childwatch International Research Network, where she has coordinated several international collaborative research projects on children in difficult circumstances and on regional children’s rights issues. Randi Wærdahl is the former leader of the Norwegian Sociological Association as well as a former President of the Nordic Sociological Association. Wardahl’s research interests at Agderforskning include working on projects related to the well-being of children and families, as well as the well-being of minors that are asylum-seekers to Norway.