May-Linda Magnussen

Senior researcher

Phone: +47 480 10 547

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May-Linda Magnussen is a senior researcher with Agderforskning working on gender, equality and integration issues. She is also a central figure at the Centre for Gender and Equality at the University of Agder. She has a PhD. in Sociology from The University of Oslo and works heavily with qualitative research. In addition to other work, Magnussen has led a large project concerning the part-time employment of women in Agder. Currently, Magnussen is leading a research and development project on integration in Lindesnes County and a pilot study on honor based violence in Agder. She is also in charge of a research project connected to The University of Agder’s program for increased gender equality among professors and research leaders. Magnussen’s PhD work focused on the daily life of men as primary care-givers in the home. In recent years, her research has been related to the challenges facing immigrant women and employment.