Daniel Nordgård

Senior researcher

Phone: +47 970 80 611


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Daniel Nordgård is a senior researcher at Agderforskning and holds a doctorate in digitalization of the music industry from the University of Agder. His research focuses on the cultural industries, the music industry and digital changes related to these. He works both nationally and internationally with issues related to these themes. Nordgård has worked a lot with the streaming format and the issues and opportunities that follow the digital changes. He led the government-appointed Nordgård committee in 2013, which resulted in a report on the Norwegian streaming market. Nordgård has a practical relationship with research in the music industry and has a broad and broad background from the music industry. He has a background as an executive musician, has previously been active in the concert organizer environment in Kristiansand, has a volunteer time at the Quart Festival and later as the festival director for the same festival. Today, a number of boards run nationally and internationally, including the Norwegian Film Institute, GRAMO and Gramart. He is also in the board of the International Music Business Research Association (IMBRA) and has been in the Executive Committee for the COST-funded research work Dynamics of Virtual Work, which has researched changes in working conditions resulting from digital changes. Daniel Nordgård has a highly relevant and up-to-date expertise in digital changes, and he has a large national and international network, both in the research world and in the industry.