Med hjerte for Arendal

The project Med hjerte for Arendal contributed to Arendal’s receiving the Innovation Prize in 2014.

Since 2013, Agderforskning has been a working partner with Arendal County, Red Cross, The National Union for Public Health, Blue Cross/T5, The Salvation Army, The Church’s City Mission, and close to one hundred groups and organizations. The With a Heart for Arendal project contributed to Arendal’s receiving the Innovation Prize in 2014. It is also highlighted in the government’s inspiration-publication about cooperation between volunteers and counties, as well as in the Government’s White Paper on Future Care. Agderforskning strengthened the project through the use of formative-dialogue research that facilitated the transfer of relevant expertise, through the analyses of existing processes, and through the development of models of cooperation. In addition, Agderforskning drew upon experience from other regions in Norway and Denmark through cooperation with Trøndelag Research and Development, The Marselisborg Center, and the Center for Care Research. The ambition for this project is to help ensure a sustainable, long-term welfare solution for all the relevant constituents.