About us

Agderforskning is a social science research institute. We help create and implement positive change through a theoretical and practical knowledge of innovation in society, industry, and public administration.

Our organization

This is Agderforskning

Our 38 scientists constitute a dynamic research environment with a focus on applied research. We carry out contract research as an R & D partner for the business sector and for public administration. Our main clients and funding partners are The Research Council of Norway, the Regional Research Funds in Norway, national and regional authorities, and private and public actors in societal and business milieus. Our research focuses on large, complex societal challenges in services, experiences, welfare and value creation. As an embedded research institute, we draw from and contribute to the knowledge base and solutions that affect our partners and clients.

Key figures

Agderforskning has 43 employees from 6 different countries. About 70% percent of our scientists have a Ph.D. or are in a Ph.D. program.
 In 2015, we carried out 110 small and large research projects for customers and had a turnover of approximately NOK 42 million. All research projects that Agder Research participates in are funded by our principals. In addition, Agder Research receives basic funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

University cooperation

Agderforskning is owned by the University of Agder (UiA). We cooperate with 5 faculties at the University of Agder. UiA and Agder Research have established, as a joint initiative, the RIS center (Regional Innovation Strategies) at UiA. On an ongoing basis, experts from the University work in Agderforskning’s projects, while researchers from Agderforskning also teach at the University of Agder. About 20 people work both at the University of Agder and at Agder Research.
 We also collaborate with the University of Stavanger, Bergen University College, University of Tromsø, the University of Aalborg, University of Lund (CIRCLE), Orcestra Basque Institute of Competitiveness, and other outstanding research establishments in Norway and internationally.

Strategy and vision

We believe that scientific knowledge contributes significantly to meeting modern social challenges. Our research method is to work critically, constructively and engaged with our partners to achieve the desired outcomes. Our vision is to generate a deeper understanding of issues, dynamics and challenges, and through this understanding foster positive change.

Agderforskning has a strong focus on research ethics. We abide by the guidelines issued by The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees.



Sissel Strickert

Administrative- and communication manager/Senior project manager

Roger Normann

Managing director

Board members

Solveig Løhaugen


Øystein Djupedal

Styremedlem (nestleder)

Arild Eielsen


Reidar Fuglestad


Anne Grete Lindeland


Trond Stalsberg Mydland

Ansattes representant

Eirin Mølland

Ansattes representant